KC Wong

Web Services Consultant

+60 12 474 2009

Full Name: Wong Kia Chik
Day of Birth: 28 Nov 1980
Phone: +60124742009
Email: kc@moreisweb.com

My motivation and career objective is to utilize my accumulated experience and knowledge to the fullest extent possible, becoming a valuable asset for the company and move forward together with the company.

B.S., Information System Engineering, Multimedia University, Malaysia
Bachelor’s of Science with emphasis in Information Systems Engineering


Google AdWords Certification Program: Individually Qualified
Specialize in Search Advertising

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Working Experience

Project Based Web Services (www.moreisweb.com 2006-Present)
Web Services Consultant

• Focused in Project Management of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
• Emphasis on promoting product and brand through various online marketing techniques with proper strategy planning.
• Managing websites content and analyst website analytics such as traffic demographic, conversion, split test to improve campaign performance and website efficiency.
• Managed a team throughout the complete cycle of marketing a product/company online with emphasis on Website design, Strategic infrastructure setup, Keyword research, Competitor research, Onsite SEO, Content creation, Social media marketing, Newsletter marketing, Press release, Article marketing, Viral marketing, Affiliate marketing, Offsite SEO, Google PPC marketing, Yahoo/Bing PPC marketing, Website statistic analysis.
• Work on online marketing for both English website, Chinese website through different search engine. (China top search engine is Baidu, not Google.)
• Effectively improve business reputation and exposure at the lowest cost using unique PPC pricing model.

Dell, Penang (www.dell.com.my 2003-2006)
System Analyst

• Designed and implemented new system in complete SDLC.
• Improved existing system to provide business better solution.
• Maintained and supported existing system.


Projects Completed

Notes: All works are project based and each completed projects are handled by support team.

PhotoFrame Web Design & eCommerce (2011)
Role: Project Owner & Campaign Consultant

Setup, promote and supervise the entire order fulfillment process for all orders.
PhotoFrame is an online printing service which fully supported by online campaigns such as social media marketing (FB Fanpage, Group-Buy), SEO (currently ranked top in Yahoo & Bing) and PPC (Adwords, Microsoft adCenter). The team expanded the service to Singapore in 2012.
* For more information please refer to photoframe.com.my

Dell Coupon Affiliate Campaign (2010-Present)
Role: Campaign Consultant

Promote Dell DHS and SMB business channel by using discount coupon. Campaigns are available to Malaysia, Singapore and China. Coupon website currently ranked top in all Google, Yahoo and Baidu for main keywords.
* For more information please refer to dellcoupon.com.my

LohGuanLye Specialists Center Web Design & Online Marketing (2010-Present)
Role: Campaign Consultant

Redesign LSC website and apply onsite SEO on the website.
For online marketing campaign, LSC opt for certain SEO and online reputation management.
Main keywords are currently ranked on 1st page while monthly website statistic analysis allows better marketing planning and reputation management.
* For more information please refer to lohguanlye.com

MoreVPN PPC Campaign (2010-Present)
Role: Campaign Consultant

This campaign expands the VPN services from Malaysia to China targeting travelers in China who unable to visit certain websites due to IP filter. The entire campaign able to be maintained under low budget with 4.74% Clickthrough Rate and ONLY $0.09 Average CPC.
* For more information please refer to morevpn.com

Various Products Affiliate & Websites Launching Campaigns (2006-Present)
Role: Project Owner

Promoting products for affiliate commission earning and advertisement fees. Marketing strategies include search engine marketing, email marketing, article marketing, social-media marketing, viral marketing, etc.

Dell Asia Pacific Email Campaign (2005-2006)
Role: IT Team Member

Improved current email campaign system for Dell Asia Pacific. Worked closely with business to fine tune and split test the email campaign for best Email-Open-Rate and Click-Through-Rate.

Dell Inventory Control System – DRAGON (2004-2005)
Role: IT Team Member

Set up a RosettaNet based system to keep track of the location of all orders and inventory.

Dell Supplier Integration (2004-2005)
Role: IT Lead

Set up a RosettaNet based system that synced with supplier Ingram Micro to handle all third party orders in Australia.

Dell SnP Procurement Tools (2004-2005)
Role: IT Lead

Set up a web-based system, which shows material team the inventory available and forecast.

Dell SPOT Request System (2005)
Role: IT Lead

Set up a web-based approval system for faster processing of sales getting approval to create a new SKU.

Dell Online Reservation Tool (2004)
Role: IT Team Member

Set up a web-based system to increase the efficiency of sales where they can reserve the items before download in CCC.

Dell Online Discount Approval (2004)
Role: IT Team Member

Set up a web-based approval system for faster processing of sales getting approval from their higher-level manager on discount item in China.



Proficiency: Advanced – Highly experienced; Intermediate – Familiar with all the basic functionalities; Beginner – Just started using or learning the skill)

Skill Years Proficiency
Project Management 6 Advanced
Email Marketing 6 Advanced
E-Commerce 6 Advanced
Search Engine Marketing SEM 6 Advanced
Search Engine Optimization SEO 6 Advanced
Affiliate Marketing 6 Advanced
Pay-Per-Click PPC 6 Advanced
PHP 6 Advanced
MySql 6 Advanced