A Successful Online Campaign Involves More Than Just Having A Website

Fact: There are some small businesses paying thousands just to get a website in which ONLY serves as an Online Business Card. No one knows about this website except himself, his employees and his current customers.

Solution: By applying proper online marketing strategies, your website is a “sales person” that can sell to huge crowd 24 hours a day.

A GOOD Web Services Provider can do much more than just giving you a website. Consider these…

On Design:

  • Your website interface is fine tuned in order to load fast enough even with a 56k old modem.
  • Visitors feel comfortable and convenient browsing through your catalog.
  • No matter what kind of device used by visitors, iPhone, smartphones, tablets, your website just load and display fine on all of them.


On Marketing:

  • Your potential customers (NEW customers) can reach you when they search for your products through internet.
  • Your website ranked TOP over your competitors in search engines’ results.
  • When your website ranked lower for certain keywords, your customers still can see you because your website appear on the sponsored listing.
  • Someone told you to build your customer email list on the first day and you listened. After a year you built a list of 2000 contacts, imagine what can you do with this valuable list.
  • So you have the list, do you know how to personalize the email and make sure your eNewsletter does not get into their junk folder?
  • How many types of advertisement available through online, do I need them all?


On Infrastructure:

  • Visitors trust your website more than other competitors because you have a country level domain.
  • Did you make sure your busines name is a legit domain in other country?
  • Your website hosted at a location nearer to your majority visitors.


These are ALL basic assessments and planning you should have done before you launch your business website. (You might not think about all these before, but your web designer should go through with you.)


For all these reasons, we are here to offer our professional web services.

More Web Services is a company run by a group of IT professionals.
Our team consists of a Designer Team, a Programming Team, a Support Team and a Web Services Consultant.

Designer Team focus on web design, simple & elegant web design.
Programming Team focus on system setup, shopping-cart setup, online transaction, etc.
Support Team focus on daily website support, content changes and daily tasks.
Web Services Consultant, the project consultant who responsible for advice, discuss and plan for your online marketing strategies.

We learn about your business, your target audience, your budget and propose you the best online marketing strategy you comfortable with.